Maintenance of Coated Bakeware

  • Make sure that you removed all dirt and dust from the coated bakeware before you start baking.
  • Do not clean with steel brushes or knifes. This will damage the surface.
  • Clean the coated bakeware with water or neutral soap. Acid and alkali can damaged the coating.
  • Make sure that trays or tin sets are completely dry before storing or stacking them.
  • Don't start baking with wet or empty coated bakeware.
  • Be careful by stacking and handling trays and tin sets not to cause mechanical damage to the coated surface.
  • It is extremely important to store coated bakeware in a clean and dry room.
  • Remove the baked product as fast as possible from the coated bakeware.
  • If the coated bakeware is damaged, don't use it anymore. Cotact Technicoat Bakeware for recoating.