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Technicoat Bakeware’s functional non-stick coatings help bakeries drive efficiency and improve the hygiene and safety of operations while improving the quality and nutritional benefit of the final baked product.

Our products

Our product range includes coated and uncoated bakeware, recoating service, trolleys made from stainless steel, assorted tin sets, baking trays for automatic lines and a range of trays (flat trays, baguette trays, hamburger trays, croissant trays, panini trays, ciabatta trays, cake tins, cake rings), peel boards and other types of equipment.

Technicoat Bakeware, as part of the international Technicoat Group, uses high-tech certified coatings for the food industry. State-of-the-art technology and unique know-how support a sustainable development strategy with recoating services and systematic and innovative development of new, environmentally-friendly products.

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Excellent quality

Our product range includes coated and uncoated bakeware. We are focused on excellent quality for best performance and longevity.


Green products

We focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable strategies through operational excellence and systematic innovation.


Non-stick coating

Our functional non-stick coatings help industrial  bakeries drive efficiency and improve the hygiene and safety of their operations.

Our goal is to help industrial bakeries become more efficient businesses with our high-quality products and our superior coating and recoating services. Our innovations in the field support an environmentally friendly and sustainable development strategy.


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The Technicoat Group operates in the field of surface treatments and specializes in the application of fluoroplastic coatings in various industries.

Our technical know-how is based on 25 years of experience in the field of surface treatments.

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Trays and forms

We offer sheets and molds of all sizes and shapes for industrial bakeries of medium and large sizes. We also offer recoating of used sheets and molds. Technicoat Bakeware s.r.o. is your reliable partner.

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Restoration of used sheets and forms includes thermal and mechanical removal of impurities, straightening and shape correction, application of a non-stick coating according to your specification.

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