Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of coated trays?

You would need much less or none grease for baking, that would save money and time. Life gets easier: easy release of baking product, easy cleaning, easy baking. Your bakeware will become more efficient and provide a higher quality of the baked product. Learn more about our trays.

How should I clean coated trays?

The key word is gently. You should not use steel brushes or knifes, aggressive detergents. Only neutral soap and soft brushes and fabrics. Learn more about handling.

How many times can tins be recoated?

In average deep-drawn tins can be recoated 2-3 times. It depends on the way the tins are being used. Learn more about our tin sets.

Can folded tins be recoated?

We do not recommend it. The surface of bakeware which is going to be recoated has to be perfectly clean and smooth. The corners of a folded tin will always have some remains of baking, even after pyrolizing and sandblasting. Therefore in recoating of tin sets you get the best result only with deep-drawn tins.

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