Peelboards from Technicoat are the result of intensive research work. Unique is the state-of-the-art connection technology between the ABS surfaces and the metalcore.

  • non-sticking

The structure of the ABS plastic surface is ideal for baking products that otherwise adhere strongly to surfaces.

  • High stability

Technicoat peelboards remain flat. Deformations are almost impossible.

  • Hygiene advantages

Unlike with cloths, there is no mould growth. The Peelboards are waterproof and can be cleaned. Moisture does not penetrate the individual components.

  • Long service life

Depending on the conditions of use, Technicoat peelboards offer a long service life.

  • Cost-cutting

The use of auxiliary materials such as flour can be significantly reduced.

  • Suitable for food
  • Also suitable for organic products

General product information

Technicoat-Peelboards are available in various designs:

  • Dimensions up to 1.800 mm
  • Various profile heights and corner designs
  • with roughened or smooth ABS
  • Optionally with structured or smooth surface on each side


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