Trays and Tin Sets for Automatic Lines

Technicoat bakeware supplies you with a wide range of trays and tin sets for all kinds of automatical lines.

  • For all trays and tins we offer you the Technicoat Bakeware Re-Coating Service, adapted to your special wishes, aims and production features. Learn more about re-coating.
  • Due our high flexibility in customizing we realize turnkey projects for you very fast, from beginning of discussion to the first layout, sampling and final product.



The frame of our trays is made of stainless steel. This ensures high resistance helps to keep the the line running without breaks.

Standard sizes for Mecatherm lines:
  • 600×800
  • 800×1600
  • 800×2000

We ensure 100% accordance of our trays to your line.

The trays can be adapted to your line by such factors as perforation, size of the moulds, quantity of moulds, coatings, etc.


Tin sets

It is often in bakeries that the line is interrupted by not right adapted tin sets and coating. Very often the management of the bakery even doesn't know about it because the operators of the lines learned to live with the errors. These errors however constantly lead to loss of money and most of all quality!

Technicoat Bakeware supplies you with wide range of deep drawn moulds individually configured according to your needs. Our experts support you on site, make investigations at the line to find out critical points of the bakeware. We support you by finding the right coating and configuration and improve the running process of the bakeware in the line.

Bakeware for lines:

  • Mecatherm
  • Gouet
  • GBT
  • Mondial Forni
  • WP
  • J4
  • Gostol

and much more…

Some criteria to configure your tin sets:

  • Coating
    Let us know which kind of bread you want to bake. We want to find out from the very early beginning the right coating to your needs. Learn more about recommended coatings.
  • Material of deep drawn moulds
    Aluminized steel 0.88 mm or 1.00 mm, depending on the production features.
  • Outside dimensions of the frame
    Height of the frame, execution (single or double frame), additional louvers between the frames.
  • Sizes of single mould
    Quantity of moulds in the tin set, with or without holes in bottom.
  • Edge bumpers
    With or without.
  • Distance holders between the moulds
    With or without.
  • Handles for automatic stacking by robot
    With or without.