Re-coating is almost always an underestimated cost part after the purchase of coated bakeware. We can help you to avoid it.

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We offer you the following services:

  • Individual termination of the recoating procedure to assure a fast return of your coated bakeware.
  • Transportation, collecting and delivering pans.
  • Pyrolizing the bakeware to "remove" the old coating.
  • Straightening and repairing of damaged bakeware. Deformation of trays is the number one reason of malfunction of a baking line and the damage of trays.
  • Consulting you by choosing the right high restistant teflon coating.
  • Investigation of alternative coatings to prolongate the life time of your coated bakeware.
  • Sandblasting.
  • Blackening from outside against corrosion.
  • Applying non-stick coatings, depending on the product and wishes of our customers.
  • Coding / marking.

Delivery of the recoated bakeware to your warehouse.